Below are the entries from my old guestbook. Some of the posts got erased, but the kind words are still very much appreciated.
I hope you continue to be inspired, and never give up on your dream.

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posted April 25, 2006 13:29    Delete This Entry
Thank you everyone! Your comments are very appreciated!

I have set up a new guestbook at:

posted April 24, 2006 01:54    Delete This Entry
good site keep up the good work
heres a good site for microbiology

you humble my soul (from an RN)
posted April 17, 2006 13:07    Delete This Entry
You are an inspiration to me. Your struggles and sacrifices to make it into the Nursing program have touched me. You are trully a determined one. When you become a nurse, you will make a lot of difference in people's lives. Thank you for reminding me of how blessed I am being an RN. I wish you the best in your journey.

I will be praying for you and your family.

More Power to You
posted April 17, 2006 12:44    Delete This Entry
In 1982 Steven Callahan was crossing the Atlantic alone in his sailboat when it struck something and sank. He was out of the shipping lanes and floating in a life raft, alone. His supplies were few. His chances were small. Yet when three fishermen found him seventy-six days later (the longest anyone has survived a shipwreck on a life raft alone), he was alive -- much skinnier than he was when he started, but alive.

His account of how he survived is fascinating. His ingenuity -- how he managed to catch fish, how he fixed his solar still (evaporates sea water to make fresh) -- is very interesting.

But the thing that caught my eye was how he managed to keep himself going when all hope seemed lost, when there seemed no point in continuing the struggle, when he was suffering greatly, when his life raft was punctured and after more than a week struggling with his weak body to fix it, it was still leaking air and wearing him out to keep pumping it up. He was starved. He was desperately dehydrated. He was thoroughly exhausted. Giving up would have seemed the only sane option.

When people survive these kinds of circumstances, they do something with their minds that gives them the courage to keep going. Many people in similarly desperate circumstances give in or go mad. Something the survivors do with their thoughts helps them find the guts to carry on in spite of overwhelming odds.

"I tell myself I can handle it," wrote Callahan in his narrative. "Compared to what others have been through, I'm fortunate. I tell myself these things over and over, building up fortitude...."

I wrote that down after I read it. It struck me as something important. And I've told myself the same thing when my own goals seemed far off or when my problems seemed too overwhelming. And every time I've said it, I have always come back to my senses.

The truth is, our circumstances are only bad compared to something better. But others have been through much worse. I've read enough history to know you and I are lucky to be where we are, when we are, no matter how bad it seems to us compared to our fantasies. It's a sane thought and worth thinking.

So here, coming to us from the extreme edge of survival, are words that can give us strength. Whatever you're going through, tell yourself you can handle it. Compared to what others have been through, you're fortunate. Tell this to yourself over and over, and it will help you get through the rough spots with a little more fortitude.

newly grad. BSN
posted April 17, 2006 12:39    Delete This Entry
You deserved to be a nurse. Keep up the good work and rewards will follow!
posted April 16, 2006 23:53    Delete This Entry
I am so happy that you were accepted. You are truely an inspiration.
posted April 15, 2006 18:53    Delete This Entry
I have been reading your posts on all nurses. I am so happy for you that you got into Nursing school! Enjoy the journey!
posted April 14, 2006 23:26    Delete This Entry
posted April 13, 2006 12:57    Delete This Entry
Hi, I really enjoyed you webiste. I found it on I'm a teacher and alway felt that I should have been a nurse. Everytime I visit a hospital or someone gets hurt I want to get involved. When I went to college my parent tried to get me into nursing, but I decided to go for computer programming, then teaching, now I going to fulfill my destiny to become a nurse. Every since I made that decision I fell so blessed. I guess it really is me to be. I'm so happy. I thought about the nursing progam through Brookhaven and ECC. I really want to go to Baylor Nursing school but if not I think I will apply to Navarro College nursing program. I wish you the best of luck. I plan to take A & P 1 and Micro this summer session so wish me luck as well.
posted April 8, 2006 17:10    Delete This Entry
Hi there! I found you on and since I live in the DFW area as well, I thought I'd stop and say hi I'm trying to get into the ECC/NLC program too. Right now I am taking A&P I, Algebra and Psych. I'm riding that fine line between an A and a B right now, so I hope I can pull it out! I'm writing about it on my blog at if you want to check it out. North Lake is my choice but I will go to either! I'm trying to get into the Spring 07 class if I can pull out my As. Good luck with getting your letter!
posted April 5, 2006 16:18    Delete This Entry
I'm just using UTA's RN-BSN program as a guideline. When I get to that point, I may decide to do an online program.

There are many online programs like you mentioned, but you have to watch out. Make sure it is an accredited program, and that the BON will accept it!!

I haven't looked into Tenet Healthcare's info. I have worked at a Dermatology office there at RHD. It seems like a good hospital.

Good luck!

Bridget Kirk
posted April 5, 2006 14:54    Delete This Entry
HI there, I am also a pre-nursing student in Dallas. Plan to apply to CCCC or El Centro. I was wondering...where do you plan to get your BSN after your RN? I was hoping to get a deal with a hospital (like Tenet Health) where they will pay for you to get your BSN online with clinicals in their hospital. r/ProfDevelopment.htm

"Online Nursing Degree Program"
LVN to RN to BSN program offered via the internet through Deaconess College of Nursing. Qualified nurses may be eligible for tuition reimbursement, the CAP program and/or the Loan Forgiveness program.

Have you looked into that?

posted April 1, 2006 23:01    Delete This Entry
You have really put in a lot of time to give others inspiration and ideas. I'm 39 and started my 1st semester in pre-reqs. Your quizzes will help my study tremendously! Thanks soo much and I hope you keep this info. up long enough for me to get through my courses. Thanks a bunch! Wishes for continued success!!!
Dee-Dee Kennebrew
posted March 27, 2006 18:38    Delete This Entry
Your site is very imformative. I really appriciate you allowing us to see your past experiences.
posted March 17, 2006 06:33    Delete This Entry
i'm really blessed to have stumbled upon this site.i'm now preparing to enter into the school of nursing but you have given me lots of encouragement.
posted March 9, 2006 14:52    Delete This Entry
Hi There:
I just wanted to tell you that you are such an inspiration to me and I greatly appreciate hearing your words of wisdom and kindness to everyone. You are truly a wonderful person for taking the time out to post and write and continue your own website. WOW!!! Good luck with your continued succes.
posted March 8, 2006 12:51    Delete This Entry
Stacy, I purchased mine on Ebay, but they are available on Good luck!!!
posted March 8, 2006 12:01    Delete This Entry
Hello, I have spoken to you once before about your journey through Nursing and I am about to prepare to take the NET exam and was wondering where you purchased the study guide?
Texas Angel
posted March 8, 2006 08:18    Delete This Entry
I am in allnurses and I wanted to let you know you have an awsome site. I really enjoyed looking through it all. You have a beautiful family. I know you will make a wonderful nurse. I can only hope my grades will be half as good as yours. I would like to take a class to learn how to make a website of my nursing school experience. This is a great way to show your progress and also inspire other students to give it all they have. Thank you for sharing it with everyone.
posted February 19, 2006 14:04    Delete This Entry
Sorry, Mave. I have to delete them several times a day! |1
posted February 19, 2006 01:24    Delete This Entry
What's with all the url's and stuff? I thought it said on Mi'Shelle's web site not to do that. Maybe it's just me?
posted February 17, 2006 18:58    Delete This Entry
Hello there~ I am applying for the LVN and RN program in Tyler, Texas. Both of my parents have passed away and in an unfortunate way I am familiar with the medical field. It is my dream to be able to help other people. I truly care about other people and when it is my time to go I want to be able to look back and know that I reached out to others and fulfilled something good in this life time. I admire you for taking the time for gathering this information and sharing your story with us. It has inspired me to maybe try to start a website as well, to help others cope with the loss of a parent. It is not easy but some advice I can share with others is to stay strong, stay busy, fulfill your dreams and reach out and help others....

God Bless and Best of Luck~

posted February 12, 2006 20:22    Delete This Entry
TB, thanks and good luck to you!

Hopefully I'll start in August '06, but won't find out until April 15th.

posted February 11, 2006 18:24    Delete This Entry
I just want to say that I graduated high school in 1993 and started nursing school but never finished. I quit my job last April and went back to nursing school. I had to re-do all my sciences and got A's and A 's. I just got my acceptance letter a week ago and will beging my clinical portion for sprin 06. I am extremely excited! When I first decided to go back to school, your site was one of the few that made me believe in myself that I can do it. Thanks. Good luck!
posted February 8, 2006 23:23    Delete This Entry
RN and studing to be nurse educator. Hi all!
posted February 7, 2006 08:37    Delete This Entry
Thanks Mave!

I hope all is going well with you! |

posted February 6, 2006 23:13    Delete This Entry
Hey, Mi'shelle. Good luck with getting into the program this time. I'm watching your progress on allnurses. God bless you. |
posted February 2, 2006 16:00    Delete This Entry
I looked online for slide pics, and looked at as many as possible. I drew out what I saw when viewing slides in class, and open lab.

I also thought about what they looked like, for example bone looks like wood. I thought hyaline cartilage looked like rosebuds....whatever they look like to you.

The more variations you see, the better you'll get.

Hang in there! Good luck!

posted February 2, 2006 10:30    Delete This Entry
thanks for the site, I'm having a hard time identifying slides & any help is great! The advice I've been given is to spend as much time in open lab...any other advice is appreciated. Thanks!
posted February 1, 2006 19:24    Delete This Entry
what a website! i'm starting in the Fall 2006 class and will find this useful for my anatomy class...i already bookmarked of luck to you!
posted January 19, 2006 13:12    Delete This Entry
Thank you L&D4ME! I'm so glad it's over! haha
posted December 18, 2005 22:50    Delete This Entry
This is a really good site. I know you enjoyed putting this together and it will be enjoyed by many nursing students. Good luck in Algebra. I am just starting my pre-requistise, so I have a long way to go, but I will make it.
posted December 15, 2005 07:33    Delete This Entry
I took 2401 with Kelly Sexton at North Lake. I do recommend him for both sections. He isn't an "easy" teacher, but you will learn so much. Good luck!

Thank you all for your thoughtful comments!

posted December 14, 2005 19:29    Delete This Entry
I have enjoyed your website. Where did you take Biol 2401&2? Can you recommend who you think is the best teacher?
posted December 7, 2005 18:53    Delete This Entry
Hey Fun2Care! This is a great website!!! You're "transcript" looks awesome!
posted December 5, 2005 21:03    Delete This Entry
Hello! WOW! What a site!! It is awesome!! I followed the link from over in allnurses, where I love to read your posts by the way! You have to be one of the sweetest most encouraging people out there! Thanks for sharing this site! I have book marked it and plan on sharing it with my friends! Here is to the start of what will be an interesting journey!
posted December 1, 2005 14:36    Delete This Entry also in the nursing program, im tryna finish up my prereq. for the program fact today i have a practical on muscles, and i came across your site. Wish u all the best and i know youll get into the nursing program soon!! God bless
posted November 25, 2005 21:02    Delete This Entry
I came across your website from allnursing.
Your website is great!
Jen from Allnurses (wondergirl0905)
posted November 25, 2005 12:04    Delete This Entry
Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving from snowy NH! Great website - I want to do my own now
Jen from Allnurses (wondergirl0905)
posted November 25, 2005 12:03    Delete This Entry
Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving from snowy NH!
posted November 23, 2005 13:09    Delete This Entry
Greetings from Canada, I enjoyed visiting your site
jade coleborn
posted November 23, 2005 05:22    Delete This Entry
that is very gd gd gd and i like the pic of betty boop and i liek the little pic of the family thankz for letting me have a look at it xxxxxjade xxxxx age 17 years
posted November 22, 2005 19:15    Delete This Entry
Wonderful web site. Very informative. Nice materials! I am pleased to have come across your site.See you soon again. Best regards from North Carolina !
posted November 20, 2005 18:55    Delete This Entry
Hello, My school has a waiting list as well, and the next opening is Spring 07 which I made. That seems like such a long time, but we have an excellent ADN program. I am a double major so I'll have my degree in Human Services and all pre reqs done before starting clinicals. I have a 4.0 Human Services GPA and a 3.7 on my nursing courses. I got screwed with A high B on a Bio 211 (2nd A&P) The final took me down to a 88.7 which rounded to a 89. My professor is really strict and although I am a good student, never absent, all A's she said she wouldn't give her grandmother the extra point if she needed it too. So I took the B. I am thinking about retaking it. It's just that it is so much work to be repeating for a point or so. Anyway, thanks for the sight it's great.
posted November 17, 2005 12:25    Delete This Entry
Mary Lizbeth
posted November 15, 2005 15:51    Delete This Entry
I just found your website and am so impressed and excited for you! You have a wonderful skill with setting up websites and an amazing drive to persue your dream. I give you so much credit for your accomplishments. You WILL be a great nurse! I am also a mother of two girls and just finished the application process for nursing school to begin the fall of 2006. I am really excited and ready to get started. It will be a long wait, but hopefully (once I am accepted), I can begin my countdown of becoming a nurse. I am taking a few pre-req's so that I can begin the first year without having to take too many classes at once. I already have a BS in Management, so that helped a lot with the application requirements. It looks like I will have to take an Algebra class anyway....ugh!! Good luck to you! I am saving your site in my favorites to not only watch your progress but also to keep myself motivated. GOOD LUCK & GOD BLESS! Mary
posted November 10, 2005 20:49    Delete This Entry
Hi, I caught your web site off of allnurses and have been following your journey for a little while now. I was so excited watching your countdown. It literally put a smile on my face everyday I saw the countdown. I know you will get in very shortly. Never give up!!! I see that you are stressin' about the algebra. I feel for you there. I have to take it and to refresh for the class, I am finding schaum's outlines to be very helpful for REVIEW. I wouldn't rely on them to teach, but to review to feel a little more confident going into that clas.. I believe them to be helpful. You can find them at Check em out... and good luck!
posted November 10, 2005 15:04    Delete This Entry
You should be proud!! I am also a mom and nursing student, I fully understand your frustration and motivations. Your site and Lab pics are great. I wish you much luck in the future.
Renee from Allnurses
posted November 9, 2005 20:58    Delete This Entry
I love your site! I especially feel a warm place in my heart for all the elderly people who dwell in nursing homes regardless of whether or not they are modern or ancient. They are people who contributed much to society, yet are stuffed away in some facility to await their demise. My own mother is in her early seventies, and my siblings and I are having to place her in one of those homes due to her dementia. It breaks my heart, but none of us are wealthy enough to afford better care for her. I cry for those who are a few decades past ourselves...a place where we will one day pass through. Thanks for that story about your grandmother and other elderly people who walked that path before us in those nursing homes. I wish you much success as a nurse and in your writings. (smile)
cheng lin
posted November 9, 2005 12:03    Delete This Entry
you know what? your webbie is just superb!! I <3 the songs! keep up the good work!
posted November 7, 2005 11:27    Delete This Entry
Keep up the good work. Your website is very in-depth. I enjoyed looking at the pictures from A&P and Micro. Good Luck on your next semester~~
posted October 31, 2005 13:45    Delete This Entry
Hello, I am so sorry that you didn't get in. But with grades and determinination like yours, I'm sure you'll get in! I am an accountant hoping to get into the Nursing Program at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. I'm trying to go through their 2nd Degree program which is a 1 yr. program. When I first read that you didn't get accepted, I started to think about focusing on another career. I am a mother of 5 teenagers 17-12. I am paying for my prerequisites out of pocket and am in a job that I loathe!!!! I don't know what I'll do if I don't get accepted. Now I'm really scared because I got a C in Human Growth and Development. I'm going to retake it though because I can't afford to have this C hold me back. I am so glad I stumbled across your site. This is so helpful. I am inspired to start one myself. I can't wait to hear about when you get accepted and when you graduate, it's just a matter of time and that time will be here before you know it. Keep ya head up and allow God to work His will and you will be nurse before you know it!
posted October 31, 2005 01:40    Delete This Entry
That is sooo messed up that you didn't get into the nursing program!!! What do they want in that school, a 5.8??!!! That's terrible, but you know what? You WILL get in girl, because I got in with a much MUCH lower GPA than yours. So, keep up the faith, keep up the prayers, because without God, you won't have much. God bless you and don't give up!!
posted October 29, 2005 07:22    Delete This Entry
I was in your A & P 1 class at Northlake, and I used your website to help study. I sat with Shirley the nurse. Anyway, I was also sent a rejection letter for the ADN program at El Centro/ Northlake. Every once in a while I will log on to your site just to remind myself I am not alone in the stressed out mother/student roll. So when I saw that you were turned down also, I was so surprised. I appreciate your putting the information about the statistics in the whole matter because I cannot get anyone to contact me back about them. I was one of the 4.0s. Good Luck in the future and I will continue to check up on you. Thanks a million!
posted October 26, 2005 14:45    Delete This Entry
Hello! I am a pre-nursing student hoping to be accepted into the El Centro ADN program in the Fall '06 semester. I was wondering if you remember the location and professor you had for A&P I? I attempted it at Brookhaven this semester and the prof gave a lot of irrelevant info. I would really appreciate your help. I am so excited that I stumbled across your page. This journey gets stressful and tiring at times and I sometimes feel like I can't go on. But I'm not a quitter! I will continue to check out this page daily for more info and inspiration. Thanks!
posted October 25, 2005 09:04    Delete This Entry
Congratulations on great grades. You are such an inspiration to me. Thanks for posting your quizzes and labs they are alot of help.
posted October 20, 2005 11:54    Delete This Entry
Wow, i can't believe you didn't get accepted with your fantastic GPA!! I got in with a 3.0 and got 3.5-4.0 throughout nursing school. Is it possible for you to apply elsewhere? Unbelievable.
Lissa (L&D4ME)
posted October 19, 2005 18:22    Delete This Entry
Fun, Congrats on your A in Chem. I know that if you can pass Chem then you can pass with an A in Algebra. Don't give up and apply again in the spring!! GOOD LUCK!!
posted October 13, 2005 16:23    Delete This Entry
Found you on Love your site! I, too, have a cleft palate, so I know what that's like! Good luck to you.
posted October 11, 2005 21:24    Delete This Entry
Nurses should always care and stick together.
Success to you in your goals.
Allison Shaffer
posted October 11, 2005 10:28    Delete This Entry
Hey Sweetie! This is faceinbooks82 and I have to thank you for your website! I love looking to you for inspiration. You are such a light to I love the picture of nurses in your family. That was awesome. Thank you for being my inspiration! I want you to succeed in everything you do!!! WHICH YOU WILL!!
posted October 11, 2005 09:12    Delete This Entry
You know I am rooting for you all the way! I know that by the end of this week you will be posting to us the awsome news that you got in!
posted October 10, 2005 10:40    Delete This Entry
I was introduced to this site by my boyfriend who is always looking for ways to encourage me through this journey. I am a mother of four kids 14,5,4 and 2. It is very inspiring to meet people like you who help make this world a better place. I love your website i know i will do even better now that i have these added tools to help me succeed. This is my last pre-req, can't wait to start nursing school. Congrats on your scholarship you deserve it. Thank you so much. I make very good grades hope to get a scholarship as well. good luck!
posted October 6, 2005 00:08    Delete This Entry
Great Chemistry grade girl!!
posted October 5, 2005 15:50    Delete This Entry
I found ur website in
i like it
and i like u journey

I am Student Nurse Third level i hope to finish soon , thank u for that website

posted October 1, 2005 10:39    Delete This Entry
You must be excited with only 14 days left till you get an answer for nursing school! I am praying for you in chemistry and I wish you well for admissions.
posted September 30, 2005 17:42    Delete This Entry
Found you on love your site!
posted September 27, 2005 01:42    Delete This Entry
I am so happy to have found your website. I have spent the last few weeks stressing about my upcoming prereq courses. It's been 14 years since i've finished HS. You have given me renewed faith that i can achieve my RN dream. Thank you.

Congrats on making fantastic grades!!

: yourjones@yahoo,com
posted September 24, 2005 18:39    Delete This Entry
I really enjoyed visiting your site. I am just getting started on my pre-reqs and, I cant help but wonder how in the world you got such good grades with all the work that comes with having a family too! I have two girls ages 6 and 8, I dont work, and I take one class-Chem and I study all the time yet I am definately not getting an A, I think I deserve a B, but my teacher is pretty tough so I just hope I pass. How do you do it? Are you a genius or something? LOL
Lyn Hakeem
posted September 14, 2005 10:59    Delete This Entry
Hey Girl, Great web-site. An inspiration for me to finish one that I started a year ago. Peace and Blessings. Lyn
posted September 13, 2005 03:13    Delete This Entry
Hello!! Thank you for setting up this web site. It's absolutely amazing! God has blessed you girl! Congrats on the grades. I'm starting nursing school in January and I'm glad to have this web site on my favorites list. Keep up the good work. Thank you so much for the help. Good nurse conversions side. God bless!!
posted September 11, 2005 20:52    Delete This Entry
your website is awesome! I am a nusrsing student in Charlotte, NC, and I have your website on my favorites list. Its very helpful. You did an excellent job!! Thank you!
: jenna3uc
posted September 5, 2005 22:02    Delete This Entry
Good luck on your journey you are doin a great job!!!
posted August 25, 2005 10:33    Delete This Entry
I really like the website. You are so on top of things!

I hope we will be classmates at NL and good pals.

Courtney R
posted August 16, 2005 12:14    Delete This Entry
Nice site and good luck in your journey through nursing school!
posted August 14, 2005 22:01    Delete This Entry
Hi, i have just stumbled onto this site, and I think that it is great. Congrats on your scholarship. I am starting my ADN program on Aug. in California at Mount St. Mary's College, and I am very excited. I just turned 42 years old last month. I am a wife and the mother of 5 boys. I decided to change careers at the age of 39 from court reporting to nursing. Experiencing the death of my mom, and being her primary caretaker throughout her bout with cancer is what encouraged me. I just want to say keep up the great work...I admire you...and thanks,

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